Where Highly Skilled Hands Meet Hospitality

Kelly Dental Arts is a full service dental practice providing patients with compassionate care with the highest level of expertise and skill.

Conveniently located in the heart of South Jersey, the professional staff at Kelly Dental Arts provides comprehensive services, including general oral hygiene and cleanings, cosmetic and restorative procedures, Implants and full mouth reconstruction and many other advanced dentistry treatments. Some may be in need of cavity fighting; others want to enhance their smile; and still others require a combination of treatments.

Based upon one's unique needs, patients receive individualized and detailed dental care plans to ensure the best possible result. Call 856-210-6008 today for more information!

We will be accepting new patients starting January 2024.

Prior to going to Kelly Dental Arts, I went through a long period of time where I had no health insurance and I just wasn't taking care of myself the way I should have been. The dentist that I had seen right before losing my health insurance talked down to me and made me feel embarrassed of my situation and I lost my confidence. I was nervous to go back to the dentist because my lapse in insurance had caused my teeth to be much worse than ever before, but I was recommended Kelly Dental Arts by a coworker, and I can say I have never been treated so respectfully and kindly than any other dentist office. The women at Kelly Dental Arts not only greet me with so much love, they also make me feel comfortable, listened to without judgement, and show empathy instead of disdain for my dental journey. I'm so happy that I've found a dentist office where I feel comfortable and even excited to go in and see everyone! I would recommend Kelly Dental Arts to anyone; thanks to them I not only have my confidence back, I have my smile back too!

Gabrielle B

I had such a great first visit that I can't stop talking about the wonderful care I got and how much fun the staff was. My friends and family think that I've lost my mind because I told them that going to the dentist was the high point of my week. My husband and good friend are already planning on going to Kelly Arts now.

Anne Marie H

ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!! From start to finish, this was probably the most wonderful experience I have ever had in a dental office. The front staff was tremendously courteous and helpful. The office itself is such a relaxed atmosphere that would calm even the most nervous patients. The dental hygienists were engaging and pleasant. Dr. Dawn Kelly clearly has a passion for her craft and her technical skills as a dentist are unmatched in my lengthy history of dentistry experiences. Dr. Kelly has an excellent and caring disposition while thoroughly explaining all that she was performing as well as aftercare. After only ONE visit there is no doubt in my mind that I have found a home for the care of my teeth and my family's teeth. Splendid experience!!

Colin C

I recently changed to Kelly Dental Arts over the past year expressly because they have such fantastic online reviews. They definitely fit what other people have said about the staff and doctors there. There is little to no wait and the hygienists are very friendly and do a fantastic job. My experience with the dentist is she is very friendly and THOROUGH with the exams. They go into a level of detail that I'm not used to and I find it very refreshing. It's nice to have a fresh perspective at proper dental care.

Joseph H

There's a reason my family's been going here for years. Very accommodating and friendly staff. Never had to sit in the waiting room for more than a few minutes if at all. When you need more than a routine cleaning, they give their opinions, offer options and ask for your feedback so you come to a decision together.

Shanon B

Kelly dental office is wonderful! My teeth have never been so clean! I'm a every 6 months kinda girl, and seriously, if you want a good cleaning go here! I went today and had a filling, never even felt the needle. These people love their job and it shows! If I could give 10 stars I would!

Kelley B.