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General Dental Hygiene Care & Teeth Whitening

As part of its commitment to excellent oral health, Kelly Dental Arts stresses the importance of regular check ups and cleaning for all patients. Skilled dental hygienists assist Dr. Kelly in providing the following general oral hygiene care plus proper training for continued care at home.


The first step in general dental hygiene is a comprehensive cleaning on a regular basis. At Kelly Dental Arts, such cleanings routinely include plaque and tartar removal to protect against bacteria followed by scaling and polishing to reduce the likelihood of germs. Dr. Kelly recommends scheduling dental cleanings at least twice a year based upon patients' individual needs.

Deep Cleanings

There are times when a regular dental cleaning is not enough. Healthy gum care may require a deep cleaning to remove gum pocket bacteria and eliminate infection growth in the treatment periodontal (gum) disease. With an increasing number of medical studies showing a link between gum) disease and health risks, such as stroke, heart disease, pneumonia, bone loss, uncontrolled diabetes and preterm or low birth weight babies, the Kelly Dental Arts' team believes in proactive care in this area.

Dental Fillings/Sealants

When a tooth has deep grooves that are highly susceptible to decay it is beneficial to seal those grooves with a thin coating to prevent future cavities.

Oral Hygiene Instruction

Maintaining proper dental hygiene between routine visits is critical to ensuring the best possible dental and overall health. It begins with establishing a daily regimen of brushing, flossing and oral irrigation. The entire staff at Kelly Dental Arts is well-versed in the techniques and tips to help patients prevent oral disease and potential related health issues.

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